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We are currently eight schools, four mainstream secondaries; Weydon, Farnham Heath End, Woolmer Hill and Rodborough academies, three special schools; The Ridgeway, The Abbey and The Park school and one primary, Crondall School.

We are a local trust serving the communities of Southwest Surrey, North East Hampshire and North Sussex. We are very proud of our track record so far in our quest to provide an inspiring educational experience for all students which is beyond their expectations and therefore forms the foundation of a happy and fulfilled life.

During the last three years, we have increased the number of students in our academies by over 17% .  All of our academies are now oversubscribed with over 5,000 students and 700 staff.

As a result of our success we have gained over 25 million pounds of extra capital funding since the Trust was formed in 2017. A stunning endorsement.

We believe passionately that as a family of schools we can provide a better standard of education than if we were in isolation and working on our own.

We are indeed stronger together! We add value together!

We improve more rapidly as a group of schools in a Trust that if we were a school on our own in an isolated position. We have achieved this rapid improvement by bringing staff and students together in a variety of forums, networks and groups to share ideas innovation and excellence. Our staff and students learn together as well as socialise together. This rapid improvement is not achieved at the expense of any school losing its own unique identity or its position within its community. Our academies have no ambition to all be the same. They are different in activities and context but we share the same values and vision for our staff and students. Each academy is a creative force in its own right.

All of our secondaries are on an upward three-year trend for GCSE performance. Our special schools are very successful in ensuring that the students live a fulfilled and independent life after leaving school. All our academies are joyous places full of laughter and positivity. They are providing not only an academic environment where scholarship excels but an extensive range of educational activities which include sport, the arts and enrichment such as the Duke of Edinburgh award and international travel.

The Staff are incredibly dedicated and highly professional. It is an inspirational organisation.

I hope the information within this website is insightful and useful. I thank you for your interest in our Trust and that our vision and aspirations inspire you to want to discover more.

John Winter

Chief Executive Officer

Weydon Multi Academy Trust

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