Vision and Values

To provide an Inspiring Educational Experience for all students which is beyond their expectations and therefore forms the foundation of a happy and fulfilled life.

Our Aims and Objectives

  • We are inclusive
  • We are relentless in our desire to improve
  • Our academies are safe, positive and joyous environments built on relationships that are respectful and supportive
  • We want our students to lead happy and fulfilled lives leading to them achieving well and being successful
  • Our students will be in the top 5% nationally for progress because of a well-planned, broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Excellence in learning and teaching is achieved through our Flow Learning strategy and is embedded through curriculum design
  • Our School improvement systems focus on what matters: staff development, teaching and learning, curriculum design and governance
  • Our Academies maintain their own identities but are improving faster than if they worked in isolation.  We share good practice freely.
  • Our professional development is outstanding.  A high priority is given to developing teachers through the early careers framework and teaching and leadership development.
  • Use of high quality data and KPIs drives Quality Assurance and Financial systems.

Our Unique Selling Points

  • We have a track record of sustained improvement
  • We understand our local community and we are integral to it
  • The local stakeholders have helped shape our vision
  • Our SCITT partnership has already built trust with local schools