School Improvement

Our Pyramid School IMPROVEMENT model

The School IMPROVEMENT model is co-constructed with the Senior Leadership Team and the Executive Team of the Trust.

This framework outlines, within each triangle, our aims which each of our academies is striving to achieve.  The framework Is used to build an action plan using each statement within each triangle.

Leadership Charter


Using the trusts audit tools, a Curriculum Deep Dive/Peer Review and Flow Learning Review, a clear picture of the quality of each of these areas is established.

Curriculum Peer Review

Flow Learning Review

A financial review is carried out using the ESFA ICEP assessment tool.

A Governors review is carried out using the NGA strategic guide to governance self-assessment tool.


An action plan is constructed in partnership with the Senior Leadership Team of the school.  The plan is monitored by the Local Governing Body together with Executive of the Trust.  The plan is based around the actions within 30, 90 and 180 day periods.  Each area has clear costed milestones which allows for a RAG rating against progress and celebration of success.


This grid shows how the Trust supports the school with its action plan.

What you get from WMAT


An annual report is presented to the Local Governing Body on progress against the framework.


Presentation of progress to Trustees.

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