School Improvement Capacity

The overall framework is to build upon existing strengths and to work in collaboration and close partnership to achieve our goals.

The action plan would be monitored by the Local Governing Board, but are accountable to the Trustees who will ensure the KPIs are met.

Our aim is to create, in consultation with the leadership team within each school, an Action Plan which has clear, time bound KPIs to enable us to ensure the following:

  • The contribution of all employees is valued and recognised.
  • Financial stability through an audit of internal systems, personnel capacity and expertise.
  • Safeguarding procedures are complete and all students are attending school.
  • All school environments are inspiring and Health and Safety compliant.
  • That behaviour standards are robust and consistently applied across the school. There must be high expectations of all activities including, assemblies, eating areas and playgrounds.
  • A full audit of Teaching and Learning is carried out, ensuring all staff strengths are known.
  • We build trust within teams by using lead professionals of the Trust (School Improvement Team) to support the core subjects so that sustained, rapid progress can be made for all students.
  • We use SENCO lead professionals to ensure vulnerable students are making sustained progress.
  • Parents, staff and students have a clear understanding of the SI strategies.
  • Create a Parent Council as a quality assurance mechanism.
  • A programme of CPD is introduced in Teaching and Learning around simple WMAT Lesson Expectations. This will be applied consistently across every lesson and throughout all of the schools.
  • The curriculum is fit for purpose.
  • Student leadership is developed to create a voice within the school.
  • HR and ICT systems are effective, legal and drive up standards.
  • Bids for capital funding are made to rapidly improve the learning environments. Robust Governance is in place in all schools.

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